Life sorts itself out

My life turned around all by itself, all it took was getting older and meeting the right partner

I didn't even like cocaine at first, it made me edgy and paranoid. But I had a girlfriend who liked it a lot. Unfortunately she pretty much hated me, so we would binge on drugs and not talk to each other. When we broke up I was left with a $1000 a week hobby that lasted for 23 years. Yes folks, I snorted more than $1 million of gear.

So how did it end? With a whimper rather than a bang. My contact got picked up and put in jail. I still had a fair amount of gear so I wasn't all that worried. I used until it was all gone, and then- nothing. I expected to be really tense and craving it. I thought I'd be hungrily stalking the streets, calling up my old contacts, but nope.

I didn't really have the money, I had a partner (now wife) that knew all about my hobby and tolerated it, and I had a beautiful son who is the centre of my universe. I still get on it occasionally (twice in 2 years) but have no desire to go back.

And now? Now I own a reasonably successful business, I have a new bunch of friends who are crazy in a good way, and I'm a sponsored ultra marathon runner. Weird, but good