Thank you

I wanted to write briefly to convey my heartfelt thanks to Family Drug Support for its support in recent years.

Our family has struggled with the fallout of addiction over this time and I have often felt in deep despair about the future. After attending your Stepping Stones Program and support group meetings for a period of time I was able to gather the strength and courage to continue on, to leave behind some of the self blame which I believe was compounding my alienation from my son. Your approach enabled me to look more realistically at my current situation, and without promising elusive cures, to accept the small joys and the ongoing love which my son is still capable of giving, despite his addiction. I have been able to modify my expectations and continue to live my life despite the undercurrent of sadness.

My son has been assisted in recent years through a methadone program, which has enabled him to continue in a job. I believe that this employment has been a major contributor to him maintaining some balance and pride, and in avoiding more serious criminal activity to date.

At the beginning of this year I began to throw around the idea of a family holiday, a seemingly ambitious undertaking, involving approval for takeaway methadone, and gaining agreement from my son to be cooped up with his sister, her boyfriend and myself in a campervan for three weeks. Thanks to the harm minimisation based services involved, we were able to pull it off, and have just returned from a most wonderful trip in the NT.

My great joy was the reconnection that slowly happened between him and his sister during the trip, their relationship having all but disintegrated over the past years. He revelled in the landscape and culture, as we all did, and is returning to his everyday life with just a little more depth and perspective.

I do not believe that any of this would have been possible without the enormous commitment people at FDS have made to drug and alcohol services.

I salute you, you have helped to make our lives better.